Typical Brazilian Food that is Delicious and Must Be Tried

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Typical Brazilian Food that is Delicious and Must Be Tried

Brazil has a wealth of very distinctive and delicious culinary delights. Apart from modern dishes that continue to develop, Brazil also has traditional foods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

If you visit Brazil, don’t forget to try its typical dishes and enjoy the unique taste of each dish.

So what are the typical Brazilian foods that you must try? Come on, see the full review below!


According to https://orbakers.com/ moqueca is a traditional Brazilian seafood dish consisting of a mixture of fish, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and spices such as black pepper, chili peppers, and cilantro. This dish is cooked in a clay pot with the addition of coconut water and palm oil.

Moqueca is often served with white rice or bread. There are two types of moqueca that are most famous in Brazil: the Bahia moqueca which comes from the Bahia region and the Capixaba moqueca from the Espirito Santo region.


Feijoada is a meat dish made from various types of pork, such as bacon, ham, and sausage, as well as black beans and garlic. This dish is served with rice, pickles, lime and cabbage.

Feijoada is usually served on Saturdays as the main dish for lunch and is often served at large events and celebrations in Brazil.


Salpicão is a typical Brazilian salad dish consisting of shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, and sometimes also cucumber and cabbage. These ingredients are then mixed with mayonnaise and yoghurt sauce which gives a fresh and sour taste.

Salpicão is usually served as an appetizer on big occasions such as Christmas or New Year in Brazil. One of the characteristics of the Salpicão dish is the uniqueness of each recipe.

Many families in Brazil have their own secret recipes and combine different ingredients to create unique flavors. Some recipes even add ingredients like apples, almonds, and raisins to provide different flavors and textures.


Acarajé is a typical Brazilian dish made from fried black bean dough and filled with shrimp paste and spices. This dish is very popular in the state of Bahia, especially in the city of Salvador.

This dish is also part of the Afro-Brazilian culture of the region. To make it, black beans are soaked in water for several hours, then mixed with garlic, shallots and salt, then mashed until smooth.

The dough is then formed into small balls and fried in hot coconut oil. Once cooked, the dough ball is cut in half and filled with crushed shrimp paste, mixed with coconut oil, garlic, and other spices.


Barbeque or also known as Churrasco is a grilled dish that is very popular in Brazil. This dish consists of various types of meat, such as beef, lamb and chicken, which are grilled over a wood-fired stove.

The grilled meat is then served with sauce and toast. Barbecue dishes in Brazil are very different from grilled dishes in other countries, because the meat is often prepared in unique ways and uses typical Brazilian spices.

These are some typical Brazilian foods that are delicious and appetizing. So, which one do you want to try?

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